Where is the separation between Church and State? The short answer is that separation no longer exists.

In order to maintain that separation the churches should be operating within the private domain however our church leaders are being taught that they need to become corporations and operate as a 501 (c) (3) or similar organization. The courts have clearly identified that a corporation is “a creature of the State”. A person, or group of people, cannot ask the State for permission to become one of their corporations, operating under their authority, then try to claim they are independent of the State. They are only exempted from regulation as far as the State allows.

It’s very common to hear people complain about the infringement of religious freedoms. Stop putting your churches under the authority of the State and you’ll be in a position to start enjoying those freedoms and exercising the rights you think you have instead of the rights allowed by the States. This is something our church leaders need to begin understanding. I would never tell others how to make their own personal religious or spiritual decisions but for me, I have to ask Is your church a not for profit corporation? Maybe a corporation shouldn’t be your church.