Your willingness and heart to partner with us enables the Ministry to facilitate the assembly, edification and nourishment of people within in our communities.  Thank you!

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Our Activities

Free Markets

Jessica, Kalli, Angela, Emily & Amanda bring NJ’s only holistic freedom market to your town! The Market is rooted in our love for our families, our freedoms and smiling faces. We travel all over South Jersey bringing our health-focused market and lots of smiles.



City on a Hill is focuses on education, networking and the drafting of unincorporated associations. Schedule a conference call to learn more about PMAs. Click here for informational freebies we’ve created for your edification.


Music Education

Josh & Angela, founders of Apotheqa Ministries, are both musicians. They love to support the creativity and vision of young musicians through private lessons and instrument donations to local education centers.  Click the image to read more on this outreach.


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Your donations may be used for any of the Ministry’s projects, unless you tell us otherwise.  If you’d like your donation to support a specific project, drop us a line at


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